WEQ Obstacle Practice Saturday 27th May 1pm


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Working Equitation Obstacle Practice

Payment  is Cash on the Day (please do not transfer the 1 cent charge, it is just for the store item to complete the order)
Saturday 27th May 2023 1 pm


1 hour session $50 per horse:

Maximum of 4 riders per session

Suitable for all aged riders


  • Gate
  • Bridge
  • Drums
  • Jump
  • Side Pass Pole
  • Single Slalom
  • Remove pole / replace Pole
  • Bell Corridor
  • Figure 8
  • Stock Pen
  • Rein back L
  • Switch Cup

The obstacles will be set up in the arena for each rider to use at their discretion. Each session is one hour with a maximum of 4 riders in the arena at any one time.

If you have a group of more than 4 riders  who want to ride a session together, please contact so we can add extra positions for you.

You will be expected to allow ample time for your horse to become comfortable with each obstacle. This allows both horse and rider to get comfortable using the obstacles on the ground before riding through the obstacles. Horse and rider safety is of most importance over completing every obstacle in the arena.

We advise you to enter the arena with your horses wearing their halters and introduce them to the obstacles from the ground first before fitting their bridles and riding through the obstacles.

No formal tuition is given regarding the use of each obstacle. However, you are welcome to bring your own trainer/coach along.

All riders under the age of 18 years must wear helmets.


Conditions of booking for Cooinda Park Events

Payment  is Cash on the Day



We accept cancellations for this event without a cancellation fee up to 24 hours before the event after such time fees will apply. 

 within 24 hours of your bookings will result in a 50 % cancelation fee.

Not shows or less than 3 hours notice will result in 100% cancelation fee.

An invoice will be sent to you for any cancellations fees owing and must be paid before the next use of the facility, failure to make payment may result in us declining your next booking.  


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