Ranch Practice Show Sunday 13th March 2022 Ranch Trail Class $25


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Ranch Practice show Sunday 13th March

Each Class is $25 to enter payment must be made to secure your position in the class

The forth class of the day
Ranch Trail
Class description

The Ranch Trail class is a course with a minimum of six obstacles and is designed to show a horse’s ability and willingness to perform several tasks that might be asked of him during the course of a normal day’s ranch work. The purpose of the Ranch Trail class is to showcase how the ideal ranch horse responds to the rider’s slightest cues to perform maneuvers and negotiate through obstacles.

This class will be judged on the performance of the horse over obstacles with an emphasis on manners, response to the rider and quality of movement. Credit will be given to horses negotiating the obstacles with style and some degree of speed, providing correctness is not sacrificed. Horses should receive credit for showing attentiveness to the obstacles and the capability of picking their own way through the course when obstacles warrant it and willingly responding to the rider’s cues on more difficult obstacles.

The obstacles can include crossing over a bridge, walking and trotting over poles, carrying buckets or other items, dragging a tree branch, negotiating uneven terrain, backing through hay bales, entering and exiting a small yard of cattle, moving cattle in a yard around an obstacle quietly, side passing poles, negotiating fallen logs and branches, negotiating a water walk over. There are many interesting and challenging obstacles that can be included.

Friday or Saturday night powered camping and horse yard $25 per night.
Onsite Accommodation Now Available
Double room $50 p/n
Triple room $75 p/n
Quad room $100 p/n
Conditions of booking for Cooinda Park Events
No refunds will be provided 14 days from the event for rider cancellations unless a replacement rider is found.
Rider swaps are permitted, should you find another rider to fill your position. We always advertise cancelled positions on Facebook and do our best to find a replacement rider if you need to cancel last minute but cannot guarantee that your position will be filled.
By booking a position in a event held at Cooinda Park you are accepting these conditions.
Contact Tracy on 0411640143 between 9 am and 9 pm, please



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