Mini Cattle Clinic with Norm Flegg – Sunday Intro 8 am


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The mini-clinic cost is $125

Due to limited availability and popularity,

Each booking requires payment to secure your position. 



8 am – Intro / beginner 


Each 2-hour session will have four riders in the group. 

The beginner group suits horses or riders who have never worked cattle. They will be working cattle already worked by the intermediate group. 

The Intermediate group is suitable for riders who have work cattle and would like to advance their horses’ training on cattle. 

The mini-clinic is suitable for all riders. For the beginner group, you must be able to walk and trot confidently. The intermediate group should be able to trot and canter confidently. 

For each group, Norm will go through a basic foundations skill set on horseback for working cattle, followed by a session in the cattle pen with the riders on foot to move the cattle around and understand where to position themselves to move the cow in a particular direction, before they move onto working the cattle on horseback. Working in the cattle pen on foot will be optional for riders with experience working cattle. 

Each rider will be instructed to work at a level best suited to the horse and rider and may require several sessions before advancing to the next level.


Helmets are recommended for adults, and all riders under the age of 18 must wear one.

Conditions of booking for Cooinda Park Events

Payment:  Payment is required to hold your spot and must be paid within two days of booking. For payments via bank transfer, please use your booking number as a reference. 

REFUNDS:   Refunds will be issued up to fourteen days before the event if you need to cancel your booking. 

We only provide refunds fourteen days from the event if a replacement rider is found; rider swaps are permitted.

You accept these conditions by booking a position at an event at Cooinda Park. 

If, for any reason, Cooinda Park needs to cancel the event, a full refund will be issued within seven days.

For enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tracy on 0411640143



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