Kids Fun Day Wednesday 9.30 am


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Kids & Pony Fun Day

Wednesday 9.30 am

Full payment is required to hold your spot

Six riders per 2.5-hour session

Suitable for riders aged 5 to 15

Tracy & Indi Ralph have a fun day planned. It includes

  1. Groundwork Session: This is an excellent way to introduce kids to horse care and handling basics. The groundwork will include leading the ponies, backing up the pony, asking the pony to stand quietly and teaching them about pony behaviour and communication.
  2. Basic Riding Lesson: Guiding the kids to mount a pony, sit in the saddle correctly, and give basic riding commands. It’s an excellent opportunity for beginners to experience the joy of riding.
  3. Obstacles: The obstacle course can be a fun and educational activity. Kids can guide their ponies through various obstacles like cones, poles, and small jumps. This helps improve their balance, coordination, and confidence.
  4. Bareback Riding with Indi & Chexer (optional): Bareback riding is a unique and exciting experience. It involves riding a pony without a saddle and It allows children to feel more connected to the pony and enhances their balance and riding skills. Indi spends a lot of time riding her horse, Chexer, bareback she is happy to ride along with the kids and show some tricks she has taught Chexer. This is “optional” kids can choose whether they want to try this.
  5. Refreshments: After all the fun activities, drinks, cupcakes and fairy bread will be provided for the children. 

Obstacles Include

  • Trot poles
  • Box stand
  • See Saw
  • Bending poles 
  • Horse Carousel
  • Cavaletti
  • Roping Dummy

Horses will be introduced to the obstacles after the groundwork session, and the obstacles will be used to show riders the benefit of groundwork before ridden work. All riders should bring their horses into the arena wearing their halters. All riders must wear helmets.

Conditions of booking for Cooinda Park Events

Payment: Full payment is required to hold your spot and must be paid within two days of booking. Please use your booking number as a reference if using a bank transfer.  

REFUNDS:   Refunds will be issued up to seven days before the event if you need to cancel your booking. 

We only provide refunds seven days from the event if a replacement rider is found; rider swaps are permitted.

You accept these conditions by booking a position in an event held at Cooinda Park. 

If, for any reason, Cooinda Park needs to cancel the event, a full refund will be issued within seven days.

For enquiries, please call Tracy. 0411 640 143


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