Jay Charnock Mechcanical Cow Practice Evening Session 1: 4.15pm to 5.30pm


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Mechanical Cow Practice Evening
With Jay Charnock
Session 1: 4.15pm to 5.30pm
Friday 11th of April 2021
$60 per horse, 75-minute sessions
4 riders in the arena at one time.

Session 1: 4.15pm to 5.30pm

Session 2: 5.30 pm to 6.45 pm

Session 3: 6.45pm to 8.00pm

Session 4: 8.00 pm to 9.15 pm

The first 15 minutes is used to warm the horses up in preparation for the instruction given by Jay on using the mechanical cow for the horses level, Jay will give each rider 3-4 turns on the mechanical cow, and will give instruction on what each rider should be working on at the other end of the arena while waiting for their next turn on the mechanical cow. In each session, you will be given exercises to help your horse use the mechanical cow to the best of its ability.

Our Mechanical cow practice evening allows each rider time to train their horse on the mechanical cow as well as use the rest of the arena, while the other riders in their group have their turn on the mechanical cow.
Hot water wash bays and plenty of parking available, payment is required in advance to secure your riding position, payment details will be given after completing your online booking through this site.
Conditions of booking for Cooinda Park Events
All events require a deposit and this amount will change depending on the cost of each event.
The deposit is non-refundable, payment will be held to secure your riding or fence-sitting spot.
Please enter an email address when completing your booking and an invoice for the clinic balance will be emailed to you 14 days before the event day.
No refunds will be provided 7 days out from the event unless a replacement rider is found, Rider swaps are permitted.
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