Ground Work & Float Loading Mini Clinic April 15th 2023


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Ground Work & Float Loading Mini Clinic

Saturday April 15th 2023

9 am to 1 pm
Morning tea supplied


Equipment needed 
  • A rope halter & lead rope (preferably 10-12 ft long)
  • A horsemanship flag, dressage whip, carrot stick or similar 

Clinics for groundwork and float loading allow horse owners and handlers to learn new techniques and refine their skills in these areas. The specific outcomes of these clinics will depend on the goals and methods used but can include the following:

  • Improve confidence and competence of the participants.
  • Increase safety for both the horses and handlers.
  • Better relationships between horses and their human partners.

Groundwork involves teaching a horse to respond to various commands and cues while on the ground. This can include basic leading, lunging, and desensitisation exercises. The outcomes of groundwork training can consist of improved communication between the horse and handler, increased obedience and respect, and better preparation for riding and other activities.

Float loading refers to training a horse to enter and exit a float in a calm and controlled manner. The outcomes of float training can include reduced stress and anxiety for the horse during transportation, improved safety for both the horse and handler and increased versatility in where and how the horse can be transported.

Objectives of the groundwork session 

  • Work with your horse to stand still
  • Work with your horse to lead and back properly
  • Work with your horse to flex and soften to pressure
  • Work with your horse to go on a circle
  • Work with your horse to move its front end and hind end.

Objectives for float loading session

  • Standing Still is essential for getting your horse inside the float.
  • Touching & Relaxing is necessary, allowing the handler to rub the horse at any time. 
  • Backing teaches him to step back one step at a time so he doesn’t rush out of the float.
  • Flexing- so he can flex around while standing in the float.
  • Yielding to Upward, Downward & Forward Pressure

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